Photo by David Cannon

Three Voices

Three 12 minute monologues; three voices of women in lockdown. Anthea hopes to find someone she’s lost in the void of the internet; Esther has a score to settle and she’s using a dinosaur to do it; Paula’s on a mission to start her own revolution. Comedy/drama.

The monologues are stand-alone and can be watched in any order.

Thank you to David Cunningham of the British Theatre Guide for this review of Three Voices. And thank you to Buxton Fringe for naming Three Voices as one of the ‘Picks of the Fringe, 2020’, and to Viv Marriott for this review from Buxton Fringe.


(themes of grief and bereavement)






You Don’t Own Me

I was lucky to be part of the ongoing drama series The End, which is made up of interlinked episodes written and performed by some fantastic Scottish writers and actors. You can watch my episode, You Don’t Own Me, on The End website.